Alice O. Howell   




 bring me an apple for remembrance -

     symbol in wilderness

     between two trees

         I've seen that cross too long

     that rose grafted onto pain

 and all the petals fallen

     lying in footsteps toward the question

 your answer bones lie under red earth

     calling me -

         the tree of life

         the serpent told me

         springs from the pole of the world

         growing in a grey ocean out there

         without horizons -

     will you find it?

 My dear, I once knew green leaves, warm bread, and desire

     wet and curling

         with swelling veins of joy

 forgive me, have pity on my thin lips

                     just promise, oh promise

                 one apple, red and fierce

         white within and crisp with wisdom

         with shining pips

          bursting in winter for spring

 Adam, should you come and go a future Sunday

     just one last apple to remember life!


                        A.O Howell