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free and easy: a spontaneous song of indestructible reality


 GendŁn Rinpoche



happiness is not to be found

through great effort and willpower

it is already present in open relaxation and letting go


don't strain

there's nothing to do or to undo

whatever momentarily and adventitiously arises in body–mind

has no real import at all

has very little reality at all

why identify with it and become attached to it,

passing judgement on it and on yourself and others?


far better simply

to let the entire game just happen on its own

springing up and falling back again like waves

without 'rectifying' things or manipulating things

just noticing how everything vanishes

and then magically reappears, again and again and again

time without end


it's only our searching for happiness

that prevents us from seeing it

like a vivid rainbow one runs after but can never catch

or a dog chasing its own tail


though peace and happiness have no existence

as some actual place or thing

they are forever at hand —

one's constant companion at every instant


just don't be taken in by the apparent reality

of good and bad experiences

they're like today's passing weather

like rainbows in the sky


wanting to grasp the ungraspable

you exhaust yourself in vain

but as soon as you open up and relax the tight fist of grasping

infinite space is right there — open, inviting, comfortable


use this spaciousness — this freedom and natural ease

don't look anywhere else

don't go off into the tangled jungle

searching for the elephant of great awakenedness

when he is already at home

quietly resting in front of your own hearth


there's nothing to do or to undo

nothing to force

nothing you have to want

nothing missing


emaho — how marvelous


everything just happens of itself






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Be it said that this web–site would never have seen the light of day had it not been for the nigh–on infinite patience and kindness of my friends Chris Gianniotis (who first led me into the thorny thicket of HTML) and deborah mattingly conner (who — for all that I am your original hopeless student — has tried to walk me, step by step, through the rest of it with a gentleness and generosity that has been frankly enawing).

My love and thanks to both of them.




The translations on this site, now and to come, represent hours — hundreds of 'em — of hard if pleasurable, work…

If I am naÔve enough to believe that they should be up here for free, my only request of you is that you enjoy them and use them for your own personal instruction and pleasure, and that, if you print them out for sharing, you be honest enough to make sure they have my name on them as translator and sole copyright holder.

Finding them elsewhere, lightly edited and with a different name to them, would sadden me immensely.

Thank you.